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Placenta Encapsulation is the act of taking a fresh, raw placenta, rinsing the placenta, steaming or slicing the placenta raw, dehydrating it, grinding the placenta into a powder and putting the
(placenta) powder into consumable capsules for ingestion. All processes are done by a Certified Placenta Encapsulator who holds an American Heart Association Bloodborne Pathogens certification. The environment is respectful and sanitary.


Aja Divine Healing adheres to strict Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines and follows proper food safety standards. The placenta is being prepared for the client’s (owner of the placenta) consumption only and is not designed to reverse medical
conditions or ailments from pregnancy, treat postpartum depression or ensure normal milk supply.


There are a few things that you should know prior to completing your placenta encapsulation:

  1. The amount of capsules that your placenta will yield during the process varies and can range from 100 to 200 capsules.  The amount of capsules can only be determined once the process has taken place.
  2. Your placenta encapsulation comes with an "Umbilical Cord Keepsake" as a part of your package.
  3. All placenta encapsulation services includes local pick up of the placenta within a 50 mile radius of the Aja Divine Healing Headquarters. Additional fees will be accessed for customers who live more than 50 miles away from our location or customers can choose to drop the placenta off at our location if this is more convenient for you. 
  4. At the completion of your placenta encapsulation service, the drop off of your package is included for customers within a 50 mile radius. Your package will include written dosage and care instructions.

Placenta Encapsulation Services

$222.00 Regular Price
$177.00Sale Price
  • How many capsules will I get?
    On average you can expect between 100-200 capsules

    What are some benefits of consuming placenta capsules/tincture?
    I cannot guarantee any particular benefit or outcome from consumption, but utilizing your placenta postpartum may help with things like milk production, hormone and mood stabilization, pain relief, energy boost, iron restoration, growth of hair and nails, etc. Tinctures can also be beneficial for your teething baby of 6 months or older, your mother who is starting menopause, or if your baby is a girl….she may utilize the tincture when she begins her first menstrual cycle.

    What are some risks of consuming placenta capsules/tinctures?
    There are very few risks involved in consuming your placenta. The biggest risks would come from consuming a placenta that has not been stored or prepared properly. Be sure to follow instructions on how to store your placenta until your specialist picks it up.

    How do I store my capsules/tincture and what is the shelf life?
    You may store your capsules as follows: In the container provided, in a dark cool cabinet for up to one year. After one year you should transfer your capsules to a ziplock bag and place them in the freezer for up to 6 more months. If after this time you still have capsules left, you may create a tincture by emptying 2 capsules into 2oz of 100 proof alcohol. You may store your tincture in a cool dark cabinet indefinitely.

    Can I consume my placenta if I have Group B Strep or Genital Herpes?

    Yes! Please notify your specialist so that we can steam your placenta to kill any possible bacteria. Otherwise, it is considered safe to consume. It is your choice to have the steam or raw method
    for encapsulation and either method is safe.

    What if my baby passed meconium in the womb?
    That’s perfectly fine. Meconium is sterile. It is simply washed off prior to preparation.

    How should I take my capsules/tincture?
    - Consumption recommendations are JUST a recommendation. NOT a prescription. You may adjust your intake as you feel you need to. We give a general suggestion on how to consume your capsules/tincture in the containers. We do recommend that you take your capsules with food to avoid an upset stomach. Do not use your tincture before 6 weeks. After 6 weeks you may strain it with a cheesecloth or similar. Or you may wait 6 months and use the tincture without straining.

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