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TheChakra Waist Beads

For centuries waist beads have been worn in African/Indigenous cultures, but the significance of traditionally wearing them varies among each tribe. They have become increasingly popular in present times among African American women wearing them for several reasons. Many reasons for wearing waist beads are for cultural recognition, beautification, womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing properties, spirituality, weight loss, protection, wealth, or decoration. Certain characteristics of the beads such as the colors or crystals used to create the waist beads have a significant meaning. The energy and power in waist beads correlate to spirituality and have specific and intentional use for the woman wearing them.

Every waist bead here at Aja Divine Healing is hand-crafted and created in a positive and sacred space. We have chakra waist beads created to help heal and align the desired chakras and one-of-a-kind creations that aid in spiritual protection, manifestation, and beauty.

Solid Waist Bead Strands

Clear Waist Bead Strands

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