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The Aja Divine Throat Chakra opaque waist bead strand was hand-crafted with the intention of helping the receiver to balance the energy of the throat chakra making it easier to speak your truth and speak up for yourself and others in the face of injustice while aid in connecting you with the Divine source and Universal energy.


All waist bead strands are made one size fits all and are easily adjustable if strands need to be shortened. All strands are "permanent" strands and will need to be cut in order to be removed. Our waist beads are created with very strong thread to prevent popping and unraveling.


Get "WAISTED" by Aja Divine Healing and begin your journey of aligning your throat chakra to help you to manifest balance and healing in your throat and throughout your entire body.

Throat Chakra Clear Waistbead Strand (LIGHT BLUE)

$10.10 Regular Price
$8.59Sale Price
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